Rio Preguiças riverside travel and living

Areia dourada da beira do rio Quintal da casa Lavanderia coletiva Boat Stop Menina do cabelo preto pela morena olhos castanhos Avó e seus netos Menina da lagoa douradaWhen in Barreirinhas you can make your own tour along the Preguiças’s river.Wherever you stay, a good resort or in a hostel,  be sure you will not stay inn too much. Take your time and go to the desert or go to the river. Hire a guide or go by your self  but don’t miss your vacation stucked in the hotel. Explore all these beautiful places.  Rent a bike, take a boat or walk along the riverside is fantastic. My experience was extremely grateful. The sun was burning me so i had to refresh my body all time. As you can see in these photos, people have dark tan because they do almost all duty in the river under the sun. Where is these paradise? Northwest of Brazil , state of Maranhão. You are about 10hours flying from Europe, i am about 4hours flying far from São Paulo. How many days to stay here? I spent 8 days in Maranhão state and could visit the capital São Luis, Alcantara and Barreirinhas. What a most like? All the 3 places. I have to be back soon.


Foi anunciado em setembro de 2012 como mascote da Copa do Mundo de 2014, no Brasil.Tatu-bola (tolypeutes tricintus) é uma referencia a sua capacidade de se enrolar,adquirindo o formato de uma bola.

The brazilian three-banded armadillo is the official 2014 World Cup mascot hosted by Brazil, announced FIFA.  Tatu BolaTatu-bola (popular brasilian name – tolypeutes trichinous) its one of two species of armadillo that can roll into to a ball.